Josina Vink Intro to Embodied Approaches


Josina Vink introduces us to embodied approaches to understand understanding and shaping systems. She explores various embodied approaches to understanding systems, such as role play, fishbowl improv, stakeholder constellations, and relational material mapping. She emphasizes the power of these methods in revealing underlying assumptions, social structures, and norms within systems. Examples include role-playing future scenarios in healthcare, physically mapping stakeholder relationships, and using altered artifacts to prompt reflection on system values.

Acknowledging the challenges of remote work, Vink encourages the continued exploration of embodied experiences, even in virtual settings. She suggests incorporating physical elements like personal objects or gauging reactions on-screen to maintain a connection with participants’ bodily experiences.

In conclusion, Vink underscores the importance of nurturing our senses as assets in systems work, promoting literacy in understanding and utilizing the physical and embodied aspects of systems.

Josina Vink is an associate professor of service design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design